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Make your Travel Dreams come true with our Easy Travel Card. A one of kind product in the travel industry with an intention to make travel simplified.

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Visiting a new place gives you memorable experiences that you won't get elsewhere. But many a times because of the lack of money required for the travel, the plans don't materialise. Ecarman Easy Travel card is where you can book & save money for your travel plans.

Money in savings account, RDs, FDs are prone to be used for other purposes but the money you save in Ecarman Easy Travel card ensures you don’t spend it elsewhere other than for Travel

The card is FREE. You are going to pay Rs.1000/- as a advance booking amount to your card which you can fully use for your upcoming travel requirements.

The available balance from your card can be adjusted towards any and all of your travel requirements booked through Ecarman. Package cost, flight bookings, accommodation booking and if you are planning for an overseas trip, your balance in the card can be adjusted to currency exchange required for your trip as well. You can browse the travel packages on our website ecarman.in or call us if you have a custom requirement.

The saving is flexible. Whenever you have some surplus, you can transfer it to your Travel Card. If you have decided where to go and when, we will help you plan your saving accordingly on monthly basis as well. There is no upper limit on the amount that you can save.

Once you have been allotted a card, We have a dedicated portal with a web view app that can be accessed from Customer Portal. You can use this portal to know your balance and take the statement of transfers. Also the funds can be added using integrated payment gateway from within the portal.

Online - You can transfer funds online using the option available in the portal. The amount gets credited instantly into your card.

Offline - You can transfer it to us using NEFT/IMPS and intimate us by dropping a mail on ecarmanpvtltd@gmail.com with your travel card number and payment reference number. We will be able to update the balance in the card on verification of payment received.

The card is valid for 12 months. After 12 months, the balance in the card can be adjusted towards your travel plan or be balance transferred to new card for the fresh 12 month period.

Since the amount in this card is intended to use for travel only, we discourage withdrawals from it. In case of emergency, a nominal service charge be applied the outstanding balance be allowed to be withdrawn.

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